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A safe car journey without concerns? 
Make sure you have the correct tire pressure

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The majority of cars drive around with poorly inflated tires, this is a proven fact. This is not only dangerous, just think of a possible blowout, it is also bad for the environment. After all, you emit more CO2 and you wear out your tires faster, which means more microplastics in the environment. Still, keeping your tire pressure to a minimum does not have to be an insurmountable problem. Regularly checking and inflating is the message. You can do this quickly and easily with the extremely portable and compact Coolado tPump XL air compressor. So you are always sure of the right tire pressure.

Inflate tires when they are cold!

Of course, you can also drive to a gas station and inflate your car tires there, but know that inflating warm tires gives a distorted view. There is always a difference of 0.2 to 0.4 bar between warm cold tires. Studies show that some 79% of cars arrive at the pump with under-inflated tires. After inflating, this is still the case for 51% of cars. So only 1 in 3 manages to bring the tires to the correct pressure, more than that, 37% of motorists leave with a lower tire pressure than they arrived with. Something you can easily prevent with the Coolado tPump XL

This video shows you how the pump works.

A bicycle tire only takes 12 seconds to fill

The Coolado tPump XL is the most powerful and rapid wireless battery-powered tire inflator on the market. This semi-professional tool can pump up to 5 automobile tires on a single charge, with enough power to inflate them all to 100 PSI or 6,9 Bar

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The tPump XL is five times faster than any other pump on the market, making it perfect for a camper or caravan and of course, also for your car journey.

Check out our SPEED TESTS and find out which pump suits you best.



All features at a glance

Powerful motor with two cylinders

XL uses 2

The Coolado tPump XL is an air pump with two cylinders and a pressure gauge that allows you to fill your SUV, camper, caravan, car, motorbike, e-bike, or bicycle’s tires in a matter of seconds. 

The Coolado tPump XL is a high-volume tire pump that can inflate tires much faster than other pumps on the market. The tPump XL is meant to fill an empty automobile tire with the proper pressure in approximately 2.5 minutes, whereas the Coolado tPump X is intended for bicycle and motorbike tires, balls, but also to keep your car’s tires at the correct pressure.

Do you have a camper, automobile, or bike? The appropriate tire pressure is crucial at all times. Not only for your safety, but also to save money on gasoline and avoid flat tires. What’s an easy method to keep your tire pressure up? Choosing the right pump is critical.

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All features at a glance

As a power bank, the pump can be useful.

Excellent endurance and simple to charge. The AC-charger provides for quick (2 hour) and easy charging, while the USB port allows you to charge from anywhere in 5-6 hours.
The Coolado tPump XL is also compatible with smartphone charging! It may be used to inflate tires as well as charge your phone!

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A Smart Tire Pump : easy to take on the road

The Coolado tPump XL air compressor is about 20 cm tall and weighs 815 gr. It's easy to bring with you on the road. This semi-professional gadget has enough power (6.9 BAR) to quickly inflate any tire. And it's completely wireless, too. The device comes with 5 adaptors, including a Schräder, Presta , and Dunlop so that all kinds of tires can be inflated.

A tClamp with an air release adapter is also included for rapid and easy tire inflation of your motorcycle. Even a sports ball is no challenge. Consider this pump as a jack-of-all-trades. So versatile.

Always correctly inflated tires

With a touch of a button, you can adjust the required tire pressure on the screen, and one press later, the Coolado tPump XL begins to inflate automatically. This semi-professional tool may be charged at home, after which you can inflate the tires at home or on the road.

This device aids you in wireless troubleshooting while riding if you encounter any difficulties. And not just once, but numerous times. Simply attach the unit to the vehicle's tire and you can immediately measure pressure, which you may then adjust in a few seconds.

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Correct tire pressure ensures better road holding and thus contributes to safer traffic. Properly inflated tires increase grip and shorten the braking distance considerably. The Smart Tyre Pump therefore ensures a better environment and increased traffic safety. Everyone benefits from this!

  • 60% drive with too low tire pressure
  • 0,5% of car accidents are due to under-inflation of tires
  • Correct tire pressure reduces braking distance
  • With the wrong tire pressure, you are more likely to have a blowout and skid sooner.

The importance of the right tire pressure

A completely flat tire should obviously be inflated anyway, but it always pays to make sure your tires are at the right pressure. Flat tires wear out faster and are unsafe. With the right tire pressure, you also have more grip with your tires on the road, which means you skid less and avoid falls. You are also less likely to be sidelined with a flat tire. Properly inflated tires can take a beating and are less likely to get a flat. So you can enjoy your bike ride to the max.  But not only during a bike ride are well-inflated tires important, also in your car and / or camper you better ensure the correct tire pressure. 

Under-inflated tires cause a loss of stability and you consume up to 7% more fuel.  Too low tire pressure also increases wear and tear and therefore costs enormously.  You have to buy new tires faster.


Tire pressure, climate policy and CO2 emissions

Save immediately on your CO2 emissions. This measure has even been included in the climate agreement in order to achieve a substantial CO2 saving in a cost-effective manner. In the Netherlands alone, an annual saving of 0.4 megatons can be realized through correctly inflated car tires.

Driving with properly inflated tires makes a direct and measurable contribution to the climate:

  • Reducing CO2 emissions
  • Less particulate matter
  • Less microplastic
  • Quieter driving

The perfect companion

Ultimate power and speed is what the Coolado tPump XL stands for. 

The compact size makes this pump the perfect companion and you can just as easily take it with you in the trunk of your motorcycle, car, or camper. 

FOR ONLY € 129 INSTEAD OF € 159 you can get this semi-professional compressor today.  A wise investment for everyone.

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