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Inflatables like airbed, LayTube, Swimmingpool...______
Bicycle, e-Bike, Scooter, Motorcycle__
Car, Caravan, Camper, 4x4, SUV, Mini busFull chargingRechargingOptional / Recharging__
Suitable forBicycle, Motorcycle, Car, 4x4, SUV, Caravan, Camper, Minibus & SportballsBicycle, Motorcycle, Car, 4x4, SUV, Caravan, Camper, Minibus & SportballsBicycle, Motorcycle, Car, 4x4, SUV, Caravan, Camper, Minibus & SportballsAirbed, Swim Dock, Inflatable Toys & BBQ
Most suitable forAll type of tireSmall volume tires like Bicycles & ScootersSmall volume tires like Bicycles & ScootersInflatables
Also suitable for Air Tents, Kites and Wing Foil with optional SUP-adapter______
Distinguishes itself bySuper high pumping speedUser-friendly Touch ScreenEasy to take alongPocket size


Digital pressure gaugeOptional__
Autostop function____
Controlled pressure releases______
LED flash lamp__
High Quality Water Repellent Protective Case


Number of Cylinders211__
Maximum Pressure100PSI/
6,9 Bar
10,3 Bar
10,3 Bar
Airflow40 l/min10 l/min10 l/min650 l/min
Inflating car tire from 0 to 2.3 Bar+/- 2:30 min+/- 13 min+/- 13 min__
Inflating a bicycle tire from 0 to 3 Bar+/- 12 sec+/- 60 sec+/- 60 sec__
How many car tires can you inflate with 1 battery622__
How many bicycle tires can you inflate with 1 battery632824__
Battery Capacity8000mAh2600mAh2000mmAh4000mAh
How long does 1 battery charge last?12min34min28min1hr30
Charging by USB
Charging by AC______
Charging by DC______
Min. battery charging time2,5hr6-8hr6-8hr6-8hr
Dimensions60x85x200mmØ 70mmx140mm Ø 32x230mmØ 55mmx95mm
BodyRubber CoatingMetaalMetaalRubber Coating


The Coolado tPump XL has been designed to ensure optimum performance and may be the best product of its size on the market.  The table beneath provides an overview of the efficacy of our tPump XL pump when inflating a standard car tires to 2,4 bar.

Autoband 185/70/R14tPump XLtPump XtPump P
0 to 2,5 bar2:30 min.13:07 min.13:22 min.
2,5 to 3 bar0:44 min.2:37 min.2:44 min.
3 to 3,5 bar0:55 min.3:09 min.3:17 min.
2 to 2,4 bar (4 tires)3:14 min.8:46 min.8:58 min.
Camperband 215/70/R15tPump XLtPump XtPump P
0 naar 2,5 bar3:47 min.17:43 min.18:22 min.
2,5 naar 3 bar0:49 min.2:38 min.2:44 min.
3 naar 3,5 bar0:59 min.3:34 min.3:43 min.
3,5 naar 4 bar1:17 min.4:05 min.4:15 min.
4 naar 4,5 bar1:36 min.5:31 min.5:39 min.
4,5 naar 5 bar2:23 min.5:34 min.5:44 min.
5 naar 5,5 bar2:44 min.6:05 min.6:12 min.
4 naar 5 bar (4 banden)12:25 min.(*)(*)
(*) As you can notice, both pumps are not able to do the job in 1 time

It is important to note that when inflating a tire above three bars of pressure, the pump will require more time for each additional bar and the temperature may rise. This inevitably leads to faster depletion of your battery capacity. The tPump XL pump is equipped with a built-in sensor that detects when its temperature exceeds an acceptable level, automatically shutting it off for safety.

We would like to warn you that if you inflate tires between 3-5,5 bars of pressure, it may switch off and must cool down before you can continue to inflate. To make sure that you can visualize the results, we've provided a comprehensive performance table for your viewing.
Stadsfiets bandtPump XLtPump XtPump P
0 to 3 bar12 sec.58 sec.61 sec.
Koersfiets bandtPump XLtPump XtPump P
0 to 3 bar0:08 min.0:30 min.0:34 min.
3 to 6,9 bar0:17 min.0:59 min.1:12 min.
0 to 6,9 bar0:25 min.1:34 min.1:53 min.
0 to 6,9 bar(**)2:01 min.2:24 min.
(**) As you can notice, both pumps are not able to do the job in 1 time