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Sustainability and correct tire pressure go hand in hand

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We are all making great efforts to become more and more sustainable. There are also many quick wins to be had in the area of mobility. Did you know that CO2 emissions and particulate matter emissions are greatly reduced by properly inflating your tires? Cars with properly inflated tires waste less fuel, drive more safely, and are quieter. A huge gain for the environment and your wallet.

Whether you have one car or a whole fleet, by regularly checking the tire pressure and choosing the correct tire pressure, you make an immediate difference and you run your business in a climate-friendly way.

If you know that at least 60% of all cars on the road drive with insufficient tire pressure, then you know that there is a lot of profit to be made there. Even people who regularly inflate their tires with a traditional pump often find that they do not have the right tire pressure just after inflating.

5,000 Smart tire pump users or checked cars yield the following results:

– 26,500 fewer liters of fuel

– 100-ton less CO2

– 839 prevent worn tires

– € 115,000 cost savings

The correct tire pressure makes a huge difference

Suppose that all cars, just in the Netherlands, were driving with the correct tire pressure, then CO2 could be reduced by approximately 0.4 megatons per year. That is about as much as all the families together in a solid Dutch or Belgian community.

But driving with the correct tire pressure is not only good for the environment, but it also costs you less. So, on the one hand, you are helping to make the air cleaner and on the other, you are making a financial gain.

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Actively participate in the GreenKey

The GreenKey? The GreenKey is the Netherlands’ largest sustainability label for the tourism and leisure industry. Do you see the green keys, then a company finds sustainability important and they will work on it within the organization. The smart tire pump fits perfectly into this story and also counts in appreciation. In any case, it indicates corporate social responsibility (CSR) and can be perfectly included in the annual report or used in other external communications.

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