According to a study by ANWB, a very large portion of the Dutch vehicle fleet is driving with under-inflated tires.


Dutch vehicle fleet: 60 percent on too low tire pressure

The correct tire pressure is very important for the road handling and thus the safety of your car. In the Netherlands, no less than sixty (!) percent of all cars drive with a tire pressure that is too low. That can add up to 150 extra euros per car per year in fuel costs.

The smart tire pump for intuitive, everyday use

The tPump X is a high-quality portable air compressor suitable for all types of tires. With tire pressures up to 10.3 BAR or 150 PSI, the tPump can handle all your tire needs. The digital LCD touch screen provides pressure information so you can accurately measure and set the correct tire pressure.

  • Save time, energy and money
  • Have all types of tires inflated for you without effort
  • Check tire pressure at home or on the road
  • Get tires back to the right pressure at any time

Suitable for all bicycles, motors and sports balls.

LCD Touch Screen & Metal Body

The tPump X is a portable high-pressure pump that can inflate all kinds of tires. With an inflatable pressure of 150 PSI or 10.3 BAR. The tPump is perfect for all bikes, motorcycles, cars and sports balls. The metal unibody provides a robust and high quality design with a high durability.

  • Pump function up to 10 liters per minute
  • Range of air pressure up to 10.3 Bar or 150 PSI
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Light &

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LCD Touch

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2600 mAh

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4 Nozzles

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Inflate Fast
with Pressure

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Auto Detection & Accurate Pressure Build-up

Set the pressure to the desired amount and accurately pump your tires in a few minutes. The tPump can also detect the amount of pressure in a tire and display tire pressure results in real time. The touch button LCD screen makes the tPump easy to operate and gives you all the pressure details at the touch of a button. The portable Coolado tPump X air compressor is characterized by its simple use.

  • Choose one of the presettable programs (bike, car, motorcycle, ball or manual).
  • Press the on/off button and the compressor starts pumping.
  • The compressor automatically stops at the desired tire pressure

4 Smart Modes - User friendly and clear display

The tPump X compressor features a large, brightly lit display so it can be used both day and night.
With the choice of four smart modes and customizable settings, you instantly and easily choose the desired air pressure for bikes, motorcycles, cars & sports balls. Additionally, you just as easily choose the unit of air pressure you wish to use.

  • Adjustable: 4 pre-programmed air pressure settings
  • Adjustable: the 2 units PSI and BAR
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Portable, Compact & Wireless

This small portable compressor fits in the palm of your hand, making it the perfect travel companion. Keep the cordless tPump in your backpack, in your garage or leave it in your car in case you run into an emergency.

  • Lightweight (only 440 grams)
  • Very compact with the dimensions: 2,76 inch x 5,51 inch

4 Universal Valves

Every tire is different and requires a unique valve. With these four valves, you are ready to go:

  • Air hose with Schräder adapter for bike, moped, motorcycle and car
  • Presta adapter for bicycles
  • Valve needle for balls
  • Adapter for inflatable toys

The tPump X comes with all these valves.

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USB Rechargeable and Wireless

Remarkable endurance and easy to charge. Recharge at home or while traveling with a power bank. USB-C makes charging fast and hassle-free. Battery life ensures long-lasting performance.

  • Quickly pump up to 10.3 Bar with the powerful pump function
  • With a full battery, up to 30 minutes of continuous pumping under 35 PSI
  • Built-in USB rechargeable battery to pump wirelessly

Three LED Light Modes

The integrated LED light in the tPump provides a great way of illuminating a tire when you want to inflate at night. You can also change to a flashing SOS light mode. An extra measure for safety when dealing with night-time roadside emergencies.

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Other specifications​

  • Brand: Coolado
  • Model: tPump X
  • Material pump: Metal
  • Color: Black
  • Noise level: 75 decibels

More climate-friendly and cleaner on the road with the Smart Tire Pump

More than 60% of cars drive with insufficient tire pressure. The Smart Tire Pump offers motorists convenience in inflating car tires, making tire inflation easy  and done right.

Purchase a Smart Tire Pump and participate in:

  • Directly save the climate by reducing CO2 emissions
  • Improve air quality by reducing NOx and particulate emissions
  • Safer and quieter traffic
  • 2% to 5% fuel savings and longer use of tires
  • Less microplastic in the plastic soup due to reduction of tire grinding
  • Positive and visible climate solution
  • Free accessible tire pumps for motorists

Order now and get the convenience of the Coolado tPump X today.

All advantages at a glance

  • Robust metal body ensures high durability
  • Pump function up to 10 liters per minute
  • Range of air pressure up to 10.3 Bar or 150 PSI
  • Fast and effortless pumping everywhere
  • Travel safely with the right pressure in your tires
  • Digital tire pressure gauge for checking the tire pressure
  • Compact and light and therefore handy on the road and on a journey
  • Runs on a powerful 2,600mAh lithium battery
  • USB rechargeable and wireless
  • Easy to operate and user-friendly digital display
  • Stops automatically when the desired tire pressure is reached
  • Includes various valves, USB charging cable and water-repellent protective cover
  • Adjustable: the 2 units PSI and BAR
  • Adjustable: 5 preprogrammed air pressure settings
  • Battery indicator
  • LED lamp with SOS mode for when you are in trouble
  • Flashlight function with LED lamp
  • Coolado guarantees