In just 12 seconds, you can inflate a bicycle tire from 0 to 3 bar.

You can quickly fill all your vehicle tires. It might take as little as 2.5 minutes to pump up an empty automobile tire to the suggested pressure, and only 12 seconds to fill a bicycle tire. The tPump XL is the most fast-acting wireless pump ever made.

  • Airflow 40 litre per minuut
  • Lithium battery 8.000 mAh



All functions at a glance

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Suitable for all SUV, Minibus, Camper, Caravan, Car, Motorbike, bicycle, and sports balls

XL uses 2
tPump XL product shot 3-01

Two-cylinder engine with a powerful motor

This semi-professional air pump with a pressure gauge has two cylinders that allows you to fill all kinds of tires in an instant. Even starting at 0 Bar/Psi and working up to the required pressure.

  • The pump is made of high-quality materials.

Make use of the pump as a portable power bank

The Coolado tPump XL can also charge your phone, in addition to inflating tires! A power bank's built-in battery is charged via an external power source. When needed, the battery provides electric power to the connected gadget through the output port.

  • Battery 8.000 mHa
  • Powerbank for mobile phone
tPump XL round powrerbank 01
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The smart tire pump for intuitive, everyday use

With tire pressures up to 100 PSI or 6,9 BAR, the versatile tPump can handle just about any tire need. The digital LCD display shows pressure readings so you may accurately measure and set the correct tire pressure

  • Have all types of tires inflated for you without effort
  • Check tire pressure at home or on the road
  • A semi professional tool
tPump XL round LCD 01

LCD Screen & Rubber Coated Body

The Coolado tPump XL is a portable high-pressure pump that can inflate any type of tire and the rubber coating provides a high durability design.

  • Pump function up to 40 liters per minute
  • Range of air pressure up to 100 PSI or 6,9 Bar
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& Portable

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LCD Display

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8.000 mAh

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& Powerbank

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4 Accessorie

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Inflates car tires
in less 2:30 minutes

Pressure Gauge & Auto Detection

Set the pressure to the desired level and rapidly pump your tires in a matter of minutes. The tPump XL also displays tire pressure information in real time, indicating the amount of pressure in a tire.

  • Adjustable: the 3 units PSI, KPA and BAR
  • The compressor automatically stops at the desired tire pressure
  • Once the set pressure is reached the pump stops automatically
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Portable, Compact & Wireless

This portable compressor is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, making it ideal for taking with you on trips when you need it. Keep the tPump XL in your bag, in your garage, or in your automobile as a precaution.

  • Only 815 grams
  • Compact with the dimensions of 60*85*200mm

5 Universal Valves

Every tire is different and requires a unique valve. With these five adapters, you are ready to go:

  • Air tube with Schräder adapter for bike, motorcycle, car, caravan and camper
  • Adapter for Presta (or French) and Dunlop (or Dutch) valve
  • tClamp with air release button
  • Pin needle adapter for sportballs
  • Inflatables adapter

The tPump XL comes with all these valves.

tPump XL round adapters 01 1
tPump XL round usb rechargeable

AC and USB Rechargeable

Outstanding endurance and simple to charge. Recharge at home or on the road with a power bank. The AC wall charger makes charging quick and simple, while the USB allows you to charge from anywhere. Battery life ensures dependable performance over time.

  • Separate AC 17.5V1A charger to charge a full battery in 2 hours
  • Built-in USB rechargeable battery to pump wirelessly in 5-6 hours
  • A DC car plug is also included
  • With a full battery, up to 15 minutes of continuous pumping
  • Powerful battery of 8.000mHa
  • Far far away there live the blind live in Bookmarksgrove right.

Three LED Light Modes

The tPump's built-in LED light is a fantastic tool for illuminating a tire while inflating at night. A flashing SOS light mode is also available. When dealing with nighttime roadside emergencies, you might need extra caution.

tPump XL round LED
tPump XL round 01

Other specifications​

  • Brand: Coolado
  • Model: tPump X L
  • Material pump: ABS + Rubber Coating
  • Color: Black
  • Noise level: 75 decibels

More climate-friendly and cleaner on the road with the Smart Tire Pump

More than 60% of cars on the road have insufficient tire pressure. The Coolado tPump XL makes it easy to inflate automobile tires, allowing users to complete this task quickly and correctly.


  • By reducing CO2 emissions, you can achieve immediate climate benefits.
  • Improve air quality by reducing NOx and particulate emissions
  • Safer and quieter traffic
  • 2% to 5% fuel savings and longer use of tires
  • Less microplastic in the plastic soup due to reduction of tire grinding
  • Positive and visible climate solution

Order now and get the Coolado tPump XL today.


  • For bicycle, e-bike, motorcycle, car, caravan, camper, SUV and mini bus tires.
  • Also sports balls can be inflated
  • Rubber coating body ensures high durability
  • Compact and light (815gr) and therefore handy on the road and on a journey
  • Range of air pressure up to 100 PSI or 6.9 Bar
  • A powerful motor with a Double Cylinder
  • Pump function up to 40 liters per minute
    - Inflates a bicycle tire in 12 seconds
    - and a car tire in 2,5 minutes
  • Check speed of inflation on this table
  • Wireless, Super Fast and effortless pumping everywhere
    - USB-charging cable which will take 7-8 hours to recharge your pump
    - AC-charging cable which will take a maximum of 2,5 hours to recharge your pump!
  • Digital tire pressure gauge for checking the tire pressure
  • Runs on a powerful 8000mAh lithium battery
  • Easy to operate and user-friendly digital display
  • Stops automatically when the desired tire pressure is reached
  • Adjustable: the 3 units PSI, KPA and BAR
  • LED lamp with SOS mode for when you are in trouble
  • Battery indicator
  • Flashlight function with LED lamp
  • Includes
    - Air tube with Schräder adapter
    - tClamp adapter with air release button
    - Presta and Dunlop adapter
    - Pin needle adapter for sportballs
    - Inflatable toy adapter
    - USB-charging cable
    - AC wall charging cable
    - DC car charging cable
    - Water-repellent protective case
    - Coolado guarantees

  • Travel safely with the right pressure in your tires